Battles at Five Become Growth at Six

People are living in an energy of five at this time. It is thick in the air for this is the year 2021. It reduces to a five. Conflict, battle of egos, division, in between states, splits, division, isolation, defeating without reward, feeling beaten, and changes are running rampant in our world. Not only in the collective but also on an individual level, we are often witness or participant of struggles. These energies can quickly overwhelm and take us on a downward spiral into sadness, anger, frustration, depression, etc. Today, let's remember our resilience.

This year of five will mature into a world of six if we let it. We will rise up from all of this into the transitional energy of 2022, where we can be grateful for what we learned at the previous stage. We will move through unchartered territory with the growth it provided and capability to endure any turbulence ahead. As we allow our hearts to stay open for this new phase, we will feel the relief of peaceful, calmer emotions inviting us to stay vigilant. Gaining insight and acceptance into what we are experiencing now will provide momentum to continue this unfolding journey in love, by love, and for love.

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