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Battle-Free as the Sun Shines on the North Node

Let me tap into the Sun today as it shines its power on collective communication, bonding, and speaking our thoughts with clarity while we honor one another as our "twins," reflecting to us where love is needed and nonlove deserves our attention, our healing voices, and our willingness to share our loving views. Replacing our own nonlove and hatred with love is the work we have control over. The Sun provides an opportunity to shine its light on misty, confusing, and hidden places within our minds to strengthen our clarity and mindfulness to speak with honor and love. The smokescreen clears as we are willing to give love instead of hate. Tap into the Sun today. Thank it for its for its warmth, contributions, and light. Take some time to feel the power of love.

Also, Mars in Cancer speaking harmoniously with Neptune has the capacity for great and powerful collective love. As people honor veterans of war, they may understand the importance of love replacing nonlove-peace instead of war. A world of I am right, and you are wrong no longer works. It is one where I am part of creation just like you. How do we honor and value one another to begin the healing process and end our battles and convictions that cause separation and tragedies?

Look into your own life, your personal environment, your own heart. It is a great day to remove the smokescreen that simply hides the truth about what love can do and that it does reside in you with your strength and courage to put down weapons and risk to open your heart instead of open fire, in words or otherwise. We have been living in hurt long enough with old ideas and ways. It is time to stop being barbaric and foolish in our thoughts and expressions. Start today by letting go of the battle within yourself. Accept the love that you truly are at your core being. Speak from that place. This is where healing begins and our mission to be battle-free within is possible. As we do, watch the world shift around us.

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