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Ancient Energies in the Saturn Uranus Square

All that I have learned is compiled in me-unconscious me, subconscious me, and conscious me. Today, Saturn advises us to look within for what brings us stability and value as an individual. When we make choices from a state of integrity and accountability, we benefit the community as a whole. This applies to all areas of life-all the decisions we make and all that we think, speak, and do in the world. It is a powerful place to be. Uranus wants all of us to be there, not just a few. We all matter when it comes to taking our rightful place in life. What started in February continues as we look at our core being, a core that began in ancient, loving energy.

Timeless information resides in me and you, and it is up to us whether we choose to access it or not. This ancient energy has nothing to do with age but everything to do with wisdom and love. Many are afraid because they have forgotten its gentleness and have become unfamiliar with love, afraid it will destroy instead of heal. We sometimes feel lost due to worldly distractions of acquiring more knowledge, money, status, recognition, etc. We feel stuck in a cycle thinking that this is it, and there is nothing more than to acquire, have more, and be better. The more time and focus we spend on these matters without remembering love, the more we forget where this venture began.

It began in love. This ancient energy, our essence, has not and cannot be destroyed. It is still there. It lives on in all that is around us and in us. We are of the same substance as the stars, the earth, and the universe. Take time to remember this loving energy. It wants to move with us in love, by love, and for love.

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