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A Reason for the Season

Listening to your heart is a big theme during this season we are in. Have we been in tune with our deepest desires before we make decisions, share with others, or take action? Did we put our hearts aside during Libra season because of all the Mercury retrograde reviewing and refiguring that overenergized our minds? If so, the Universe pleads for us to open our hearts and let love guide us. To live a life we love and cherish, a higher perspective is valuable but cannot be accessed by thought alone.

Libra season gave us ideas and thoughts. Spend time today letting them fall and cascade around you. Release them from your overactive mind to let your head feel lighter and relieved from all that figuring out. As they subside allow your heart to gain momentum. Scorpio season wants our hearts involved in equal measure with our minds. Sagittarius season will want action based on a balance between the two.

Embrace the entirety of life experiences so when it is time to act you do so with balanced energy. Love yourself, your neighbor, or whomever is around in your life. You don’t have to go to any great lengths, just let your attitude towards them be a loving one, even if they have chosen an unloving one. Remember they also have a heart no matter how hidden it appears.

It is not a time to be afraid of what is coming up nor project it unto anyone else. It is a time to embrace what is happening for us to all share a more harmonious existence. We must first be willing to heal what is within. We must embrace all the seasons and let our hearts and minds blend with an energy that brings health, love, and peace back to our individual lives.

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